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What Is Red Nose Day 2019? When Is Red Nose Day?

When Is Red Nose Day 2019?
When Is Red Nose Day ?

Hello friends, I know you are eager to start the Red Nose campaign to raise funds for charity so here I am going to share some basic facts in the history of this day and answer such questions as What Is Red Nose Day? When Is Red Nose Day 2019?

What is the day of "red nose"?
Every two years in spring in England there is held the day of the "red nose" - a charity event for orphans and people with disabilities, including Russians .As a rule in England to collect money there are organized marches, rallies, etc.

Red Nose Day funny images
What Is Red Nose Day?

People donate money, buy red noses, artists hold charity concerts, athletes and ordinary people run marathons, attracting investments, people dressed in clown clothes, make various embarrassing hairstyles, face paint in different colors, noses associated with absurd places. creating an atmosphere of liberation, no hesitation, all are happy and cheerful.

In the night to announce how much money has been collected throughout the event, it is usually about several tens of millions pounds.This money is sent to orphans in Africa, Asia, America and even in Russia, to get a little help for orphans, bring them food, build shelters, and teach literacy and education.

The first "Red Nose Day" was organized on 05 February, 1988. Then it managed to get £ 15 million.

One of the symbols of this day is the red nose clown. In the eve of "the red nose" clowns, red symbols, and red noses can be purchased in many supermarkets of England. The funds derived from the sale of red noses go to the charity fond. Every year, the shape of the nose symbol is different - it's nose with a laughing face or hands, a golden nose, or tomato bushy nose, color-change or squeaky nose, tongue, with red hair or dyed hair and a big nose that can be attached to any clown's outfit, and so on, whatever you are heart desires!

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the red nose clown
So let's make this red nose day special for someone.Make your face funny to bring smile in some needy people's face.This year we'll gonna celebrate red nose day in 26th may at USA,take participate and help to bring smile to some kids face.