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Red Nose Day 2019 Facts, Noses and Donations

Red Nose Day 2019 Facts
Red Nose Day campaign

You can find and purchase some High quality Red Nose Day inspired Greeting Cards and Postcards by independent artists and designers from around the world. Funny Red Nose Day wishes: Hercules wishes all Villans a Happy Red Nose Day.
Some of the Red Nose Day campaign achievements are: 30K+ WITH CLEAN WATER. Children and families in Africa have clean water and sanitation. 50K+ KIDS AND FAMILIES NOW HAVE HEALTHCARE. American children living in low income and homeless families now have access to essential healthcare. 170K+ VACCINES FOR CHILDREN In Africa children under 5 are receiving life-saving vaccinations.  200K MORE  CHILDREN IN THE US ARE READING. Kids get the resources they need to learn to read and have a safe place to go after school.  1M+ PREVENTATIVE
DISEASE-FIGHTING DRUGS. Children, pregnant women, and others abroad are benefitting 
from malaria drugs, bed nets and HIV drugs. 7.8M MEALS AND COUNTING FOR KIDS IN THE US Red Nose Day's partners fund US food banks across all 50 states

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One Direction recorded the official single for Red Nose Day 2019, entitled One Way or Another. The song is a cover of the Blondie classic hit from 1978 and was produced by Julian Buhne. One Way or Another will hit the digital format of 2.17 and a day later on physical media.
In 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the first charity campaign, which is becoming the biggest event in the UK with the "Children in Need", launched in 1988 to support the starving in Ethiopia and Sudan. The climax is called. "Red Nose Day", which is held every two years in March. This is the day that collected the most funds through various television shows, programs and events. For this period the campaign has collected more than 600 million pounds and has helped millions of starving and destitute people in Africa.

The participation of the group in the campaign Harry from One Direction commented: "The five we grew up with initiatives Comic Relief and we have participated in many days the red cape in school, so we sincerely flattered by the invitation to record the official single for the campaign. This is a great honor for us. One Way or Another one of the greatest songs in music and very much hope that our version would win enough money for the cause. "

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