Saturday, January 5, 2019

Red Nose Day 2019 Activities and Games

Red Nose day  motto is do something funny for money. The event once again will be a spectacular one. Red Nose Day organizers believe in a just world free from poverty and use the power of entertainment to create positive change in the world.
Money raised during the Red Nose Day campaign goes to the Red Nose Day Fund. If you like to contribute to these wonderful  Red Nose Day activities , you can attend some of the events organized  this year.

Red Nose day 2019 motto newzeland
Red Nose day  motto

The Fund then distributes grants to charities that benefit children and young people in the US and some of the poorest communities in the world.

Here is Red Nose Day great achievements so far. Your donations are changing lives, take a look at Comic Relief past years grants, find out how. From 2009-2013 we made grants totalling more than £300 million, to help people living tough lives in the UK and around the world. Between January 2014 and September 2015, Red Nose day achieved excellent results and made grants totalling £138.8 million, to help make a difference to the lives of people both in the UK and in some of the world’s poorest communities. The noble Red Nose initiative aims at helping disadvantaged people and poor families facilitate their lives and provide kids in need accessible education for everyone.

Red Nose Day activities america 2019
Red Nose Day activities

One of this year's Rose day initiatives is to raise money in  by sending your selfie to Comic relief show what you're up to. 
Do you wonder what is the main purpose of Rose Day? Red Nose Day is a campaign dedicated to raising money by simply having fun and making people laugh. Money raised is spent to help lift children and young people out of poverty in the US and some of the poorest communities in the world.

The inaugural Red Nose Day was held in the U.S. on 2015, and is coming back for a second time on March 24th. People across the country will once again come together to have fun and raise funds and awareness.
Half of the money distributed by the Red Nose Day Fund will be spent right here in the U.S. at projects close to home.

Red Nose Day games 2019
Red Nose Day games 2019

The other half will be spent in some of the poorest communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

All of the grant money will support projects to keep children and young people safe, healthy and educated.